Effective Communication through Cancer

Even when your family is overwhelmed, it can really help to stay in contact with family members and close friends.

  • Consider increasing your minutes on your cell phone or adding long distance coverage.
  • Share only information you want to share with others; it isn't necessary to share every detail, or information you aren't comfortable sharing.
  • Be positive, honest, and encouraging with your child.
  • Be honest and open with your doctor. Trust your gut and share everything you think you need to with your doctor.
  • At times, you may feel you simply can't keep up direct contact with so many people. During those periods, the internet provides a number of less burdensome yet effective ways to communicate:
    • Create a "care page" or blog. Not only does this save on your cell phone bill, it ensures everyone gets accurate information, allows you to spend your time with your child instead of on the phone, helps others understand what you are going through, and can be a fun way for your child or adolescent to stay in touch.
    • Some key sites for "care pages" include: www.caringbridge.org and www.carepages.com
  • As early in the process as possible, set up an email list of those who you want to receive regular updates.
  • Have someone who is a trusted family member or friend serve as your liaison, conveying messages and letting others know your updates via email or phone calls.

Contributing sources: Parents of patients of Rocky Mountain Pediatric Hematology Oncology