Philosophy of Care

“We want to keep this a small, hands-on program and very family centered.” - Julie Zimbelman, MD

“No matter how well I get to know my patients, I'll never know them as well as their families know them.” - Jennifer Clark, MD

"Our mission is treating children with cancer and blood diseases according to the highest standards of care. Our services are given with compassion, integrity, and provided to any who need them.” - John Van Doorninck, MD

At Rocky Mountain Pediatric Hematology Oncology, we are guided by a philosophy of hands-on and family centered care represented by these core principles:

Comprehensive Care

We collaborate with other subspecialists and the patient's primary care physician to ensure the best possible care of the whole child, physically and emotionally.


We practice evidence based medicine utilizing the latest up to date information to make sure your child is receiving the most current standard of care. We participate with COG brining novel therapies to children with cancer through clinical trials.


We want our families to know we care about their child as an individual and will tailor our approaches to best serve a child's unique circumstances.


When indicated, we network with nationally renowned experts in pediatric hematology and oncology disorders.


We work hard to communicate effectively with patients and families and within our own medical team so questions are answered and concerns are addressed promptly.


We support our patients in multiple ways to ensure they effectively transition from one type of care or form of treatment to another.


Our young patients are the embodiment of hope, so we always keep their long futures in mind as we make medical decisions.