For school-age children with cancer or blood disorder, returning to school after treatment or hospitalization can be both exciting and frightening. School helps define your child's role in the world and adds structure to everyday life. It is where children find their peer group, activities and passions.

  • Returning to school, while giving your child back a sense of normalcy, can also produce a lot of anxiety over having no hair, scars, a changed body image or less stamina and energy.
  • You can help ease the transition back to school in a variety of ways:
    • Meet with the teacher, counselors and principal and work on plans for missed days, homework or make-up assignments, and let school officials know of any special needs your child may have.
    • Consider inviting a staff member of Rocky Mountain Pediatric Hematology Oncology to talk with your child's class to help them understand in age-appropriate terms what he or she has gone through. Talking about hair loss or scars can help reduce questions and diminish teasing.
    • If your child is old enough, allow him or her to participate, possibly even doing a presentation to the class.
    • Maintain as normal a school routine as possible while keeping in mind your child may need more time to rest or complete homework and tasks.