If there is one aspect of your life likely to fall by the wayside right now, it is likely your own personal care.

It is natural to want to direct all of your time, energy and attention to you child's health, family finances, your other children, work, etc.

It is easy to become totally lost in the events to the point that your own health and sanity are compromised.

It's important to continue taking care of yourself so you can continue playing that role on behalf of your child and family.

Keep these self-care goals in mind:

  • Get proper rest. Sleep deprivation is a very serious matter and can negatively affect your ability to fight off infections, reason and cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Try to spend some time alone with your spouse or partner. By maintaining intimacy and preserving communication, you and your spouse will better be able to handle the current crisis, support each other and stay connected.
  • Once in a while, strive to do something for yourself, whether going for a walk, working out, having lunch with friends or taking a bath. Just a little time focused on you can dramatically improve your ability to effectively cope with your child's illness and treatment.